Software setup

Software setup


We also have 4 level pricing for traders, businesses and residents willing to resell our services or expand their existing services to different level.  Please ask for further information.

Computer software maintenance and IT support services

Professional computer (and other devices) software services: software set up, fixing issues, solving software-hardware compatibility issues and more.

Computer software is crucial for proper and effective computer functioning, so it is very important to keep it fresh and up to date, safe from malware and viruses, always optimized, reduce computer load by removing unnecessary software or add-ons or turning-off unnecessary functions. Even if we do all those things, something unexpected might still happen. That is why it is very important to have professional computer software maintenance and IT support company aside. We work fast and professionally, we can consult you via phone in urgent cases to keep your work on-going. Our computer software maintenance and IT support include the following services:

  • Optimizing operating system for best performance
  • cleaning viruses and malware
  • setting up virus prevention means
  • configuring your mail client to filter spam and unwanted messages
  • installing and updating software and operating system
  • setting up networks and solving network issues
  • custom queries

For an Exact Quote Please Bring in the device to one of our work shops for a free diagnosis. To find our which work shop will accept it please contact us.

For any other repair or inquiry please contact us.

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