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About us

Yours device is in experts hands, who will make it work again. Our team repairs all of the most popular brands devices fast and reliably.






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Erepair brand is ownership of NEWTECHNOLOGYSPACE GROUP was created for new group of innovative electronics management and repair services. Erepair employs only advanced and highly qualified engineers to provide advanced services to our clients and provide complex solutions not only to residential customers but also to existing electronics and computer repair companies who are struggling with some specific complex repair tasks or would like to expand their services portfolio whilst outsourcing some complex tasks to us. Erepair is striving to invest into latest technologies which will make complex repair tasks simple and allows to keep reasonable repair price.

“If any of my devices are broken or develops a fault I trust E-repair service and they always help me.”


"My Wife's Iphone was broken down. She accidently dropped it and screen cracked. Remi was very helpful and fixed it. Would recommend erepairservice  to anyone."


"E-repair service professionals is always helping us to sort out all our IT problems,  can always replace the parts and fix computers, printers, network if required. We had them for 6 months and are very happy with their support service"


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