Custom PC’s for sale

Custom PC’s for sale


We also have 4 level pricing for traders, businesses and residents willing to resell our services or expand their existing services to different level.  Please ask for further information.

Custom PC building: from high performance gaming computers to efficient and cost-effective personal computer building service.

If you are looking to build high end performance personal computer for gaming or work, which requires a lot of resources, or you own a company and would like to buy many computers which would easily perform all the necessary tasks but would be affordable enough, then custom PC building service is right for you!

Our professionals will carefully analyse your needs and will offer best possible custom PC option based on your budget, whether it’s custom gaming computer or optimal office PC. We will select each necessary and optional components, including but not limited to:

  • Efficient CPU and motherboard
  • Video card and audio card (optionally)
  • Hard disk drive and RAM
  • Performance case (optionally)
  • Individualized keyboard and mouse selection
  • Performance monitor (additionally we can offer projector)

Needless to say that we can always offer best prices for custom PC components and whole personalized gaming computer or office PC.

For any other repair or inquiry please contact us.

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