Drone Repair & Maintenance

Drone Repair & Maintenance


We also have 4 level pricing for traders, businesses and residents willing to resell our services or expand their existing services to different level.  Please ask for further information.

Quadcopter drone repair service

Our professionals offer quadcopter drone repair service – get back your drone back in the air fast! If your quadcopter or other type of drone can not fly anymore for any reason – bring it to us and we will inspect it the same day and will give you estimate repair time frame and cost.

There can be numerous reasons why your quadcopter drone needs repair, including but not limited to:

  • broken wing/propeller due to a crash
  • falling into water
  • electronics fault
  • battery fault
  • battery connection fault/not charging
  • remote controller fault
  • other issues

We will fix all quadcopter drone issues mentioned above. If you have high-end drone, we highly recommend running technical drone maintenance periodically: all moving parts, engines, propellers and electronics have to be inspected once in a while to prevent fault while in the air, which might result in an expensive crash.

Electronic brands we repair

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